Wir danken euch fürs Mitmachen und eure Unterstützung bei der Frage nach dem Umgang mit Meldungen von Fremdaccounts mit Nacktfotos. Wer sich gestört fühlt, blockt bitte die entsprechenden Accounts ^mh

@bildung The problem I experience as an admin of my own site is that nude pics are shown in /public therefore I do have some silence blocks in place at the moment for that reason in lack of a better idea. Any thoughts are welcome.

I think admins can automatically add spoiler tags to the images, can't they?
Users can activate in most clients, that all images are hidden by default. This may be an advantage, when you browser public timelines.


@allo @bildung

I am not sure If I can add spoiler tags as an admin, I always thought that is a user thing. I will dig into that, but then the post still stays in /public and is using space there.

I have found a menu to silence external users meanwhile, which, as far as I understand, is the thing to do. I believe this makes potential new users feel more comfortable if the front page does not confront them completely at random, they can see everything in the back anyway.

Ok. I did not host a Mastodon instance, yet. I knew silencing, and that there are ways to block images from certain instances, but this does not allow you to un-hide them as a user.

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