@hirnbloggade Did you change your field of work recently or are you writing integration tests for fun? Because if you do, you are the only one I know. ^^

@Aarkon Nope, still just a hobby programmer. Currently rewriting my Zettelkasten tool in Rust.
And Rust is probably the magic word here. The Cargo toolchain makes it incredibly easy to write both unit and integration tests.

@hirnbloggade Sounds like I might want to have a look at that. Thanks!

@Aarkon Your welcome. But beware, Rust has a highly addictive potential and it even might turn you into an evangelist 😉

@hirnbloggade I might join exercism rust track once I find the time. :)

@Aarkon Yeah, that's not bad. But I still recommend going through the book. It's pretty hands on, using a number guessing game, a rudimentary rewrite of grep and a multithreaded web server as examples.

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