Hui das Projekt der vergangenen 2-3 Monate ist beendet. Ich habe alle Workshops durchgeführt, den Bericht geschrieben, die Präsentation der Ergebnisse vorbereitet und durchgeführt, sowie nun auch die Rechnung für alles gestellt. Es war ein tolles Projekt und trotzdem bin ich sehr glücklich das es nun vorbei ist.

Alles weitere wird in den kommenden zwei Wochen auf zu lesen sein.

Warr1024 has created a 24/7 livestream of his NodeCore server. The livestream is entirely automated, choosing camera angles and players to focus on.

Read more:

#Minetest has reached 10,000 commits! A commit is a change to the code, and could be a feature, bug fix, or maintenance change

It works out to be 72 commits per month, on average, since Minetest was first started

April - This Month in #Minetest

This month, engine development picks up with regular meetings, NodeCore gets a 24/7 livestream, and the Minetest Blog is now official!

Jetzt gilt’s! 😃
Unterstütze unsere neue Kampagne, um erstmalig eine Open-Source-Sorte gemeinsam mit vielen Menschen zu finanzieren.
Hier geht’s zum Crowdfunding:
#opensourceseeds #opensource #roggen

🥚 Behold: an exiting, all new, Easter Event awaits you on our TechEth #Minetestserver!

This event introduces a new, exclusive sword, glowing, to support you while fighting in the dark! (and more)
As always, you find the event area right next to our Travelcenter. Good luck and much fun, finding all the eggs! 🍀 #illuna #minetest :minetest: #minetestserver not #minecraft

New blog post: Developing ContentDB - a writeup of how #Minetest's content repository was created

Check this awesome image from minetest at this year's #LibrePlanet conference "Living Liberation!" Are you using MineTest? If so, please share some of your screenshots!

Ich mag nicht mehr warten. Nun hab ich mir selber #Minetest 5.5.0 für #Debian paketiert. Keine Ahnung, woran es hängt. Vielleicht am Irrlicht Fork? Dabei braucht man irrlichtmt doch nur in den lib Ordner zu schieben.

Hello Fediverse!
Veloren is an open source, open world, multiplayer voxel RPG in active development. Looking forward to engaging with people here!


In March we give away two big TUXEDO birthday fan packages with many, many goodies from TUXEDO and from our friends as well as partners. These are for example: @intel ,, openSUSE , @lpice the OpenSource Business Alliance and many more!

From 10th of March, #Minecraft will require a #Microsoft account 😢

However, there are free alternatives which respect your privacy!

#MineTest is a #FOSS Minecraft-style game engine with lots of games & mods, including online multiplayer. It's on Linux, Mac, Windows, BSD, Android at

You can follow at:

➡️ @Minetest (official account)

➡️ @nathansalapat (video tutorials)

➡️ @illunaminetest (world-building project)

#FLOSS #FreeSoftware #Libre #OpenSource #LinuxGaming

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